Van Huong Dong, Thi Thuy Hoa Phan


In the context of increasing energy demand in Vietnam, the ability to supply domestic energy resources is limited, while the potential of renewable energy sources in Vietnam is enormous. Besides, the demand for electricity for production is very high. Therefore, considering the exploitation of renewable energy sources available for electricity production is very feasible both in technology and economic and environmental efficiency. In recent years, renewable energy technologies, in which solar technology has a high and continuous growth rate, has led to a reduction in the cost of installing solar energy systems. The advent of solar technologies has changed the world of renewable energy. Solar power generated in two popular ways around the world today is to use solar cells and use concentrating solar thermal power to operate conventional electricity plants. In this paper, the authors focus on introducing and evaluating the latest technologies that have been applied in the world to provide clean and low-cost energy sources to consumers. Also, the review summarizes the current state of development and breakthrough technologies in solar cells, assessing the development of solar cell battery factories in Vietnam.

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