Thanh Hai Truong, VanVang Le


On ships, boilers are used for many purposes: Supplying steam to the main steam turbine to drive the propeller to create thrust, drive generators, drive pumps and winches. Also, it has a role to drive trouble equipment, provide steam for heating lubricants, fuel, steam supply for air conditioning systems for crew members ... With so many important uses, ensuring good operation of the boiler is a matter of primary concern for operators. In the operation of the boiler, controlling the water levels ensures not only good steam generation but also operator safety as well as the boiler itself. Automatic control of the water supply process is an important part of the boiler control system. This system has the function of maintaining a stable water level in the boiler. Currently, fuzzy control theory, whose mathematical tool is the fuzzy set theory of L.A Zadeh is being developed strongly. Different from the old control technique that relies purely on the absolute accuracy of the information that many applications cannot, the fuzzy control can handle unclear information. Information that their accuracy is only recognized by their relations with each other and can only be described in the control language. Fuzzy control allows copying personal information processing and control methods to solve complex control problems. The paper focuses on research to use fuzzy control theory combined with traditional PID controller to achieve optimal quality control for the process of adjusting the boiler water level. Construct a fuzzy controller to adjust parameters of the PID water level controller to optimize the process of adjusting the boiler water level. Simulation of water level control of fuzzy PID control on Matlab-Simulink software.

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