Le Thi Chieu, Nguyen Duong Nam



Carbonitriding is a case-hardening process sin which carbon and nitrogen are increased in the surface layer of a low-carbon parts at a temperature sufficient to render austenitenic steel. The followed by quenching and tempering to form martensite microstructure. In the comparison with carburizing, Carbonitriding is carried out at a lower temperature, for a shorter time and resultion finer microstructure. However, in our Industry, this method is not developed. The reason that the carbonitriding atmosphere is constituent unreasonably. On this paper, carbonitriding is prepared by mixture of Industrial gas, CO2; N2, NH3, with different ratio. The reasonable ratios is selected. Microstructure, microhardness are tested. This atmosphere is applied for carbonitriding for anchorage wedges, shows good result.



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