S. Nayak, Rao R. Muralidhara



 This paper presents experimental investigations on valve actuator and pumping actuator of a piezo-hydraulic pump with active valves. Quadratic arm flexurally amplified piezoelectric actuators (QAFAPA) are designed for the pumping actuator and the valve actuator. Simulations are carried out to determine the voltage-displacement characteristics of the QAFAPA using MATLAB/Simulink software. To perform the pumping action, slotted pumping diaphragm is designed considering acrylic as the material and is analyzed for its stiffness using ANSYS analysis software. The slotted pumping diaphragm is fabricated, and the stiffness is experimentally determined which matched well with the analysis result. One pumping actuator and one actuator similar for inlet and outlet valve is developed. Voltage-displacement experiments are carried out on the valve actuator and the pumping actuator. Further, the displacement of the slotted pumping diaphragm when assembled with pumping actuator is experimentally determined. Simulation and experimental results were compared, and the results obtained were in good agreement with each other.

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