Ananthkrishna Somayaji, Narasimha Markala, Ajit M. Hebbale


This current work aims to is to assess the impression creep behavior of Aluminum based Carbon Fiber reinforced Metal
Matrix Composites for three different temperature namely, room temperature, 100oC and 200oC under a constant load
of 2 Kg and to find the steady-state creep rates and creep mechanism occurring. In this test, a cylindrical indenter with
a flat end is allowed under the action of stress to make a shallow impression on the surface of the specimen. Penetration
depth at given stress is measured as a function of time to obtain an impression creep curve. At constant stress similarity
can be seen between impression creep curve and normal creep curve. The same procedure is repeated for different
temperature conditions. The impression creep curve explains creep characteristics of the specimens. Four different
grade carbon specimens are used for testing. Deflection readings are noted for a time interval of 30 seconds. Impression
creep curve will be plotted to find the creep behavior.

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